About Hospice Of The Valleys

Hospice of the Valleys provides end-of-life care to hospice patients and their families, regardless of their inability to pay. We offer our care wherever the patient calls home, whether it be a private residence or facility. Our care includes visits by doctors, nurses, home health aides, social workers, spiritual care advisors, and specially trained volunteers. We provide bereavement services to our patients' loved ones after the patient has passed.

What employees say

“They are incredibly supportive and available. They communicate well and consistently use the input of the staff.”
“The cultural relevance of staying true to our stated mission, as well as staying current with the cultural challenges and new laws surrounding end of life care is both thought-provoking and motivating.”
“I am able to make a difference in my community for the better. ”
“We make a difference.”
“Everyone I work with is respectful and supportive. I feel happy when I go to work. My schedule is flexible and my superiors are understanding of home circumstances.”
Where to find Hospice Of The Valleys